Baby Harrison & Codi Devonshire – UK

#TraficoBebesLegalizado #Adopção A Mãe Codi Devonshire (foto Mae e filho juntos) viu seu bebe ser roubado à nascença para ser adoptado por uma assistente social, nome Josie Boughton. A tia Gemma Louise do bebé deixou em comentário “ Este é o meu sobrinho e nós tentamos de tudo para o ter connosco e eles não …

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Leon, why have they taken your son?

Someone ask Leonardo Edwards why have they taken his son… Leonardo replied… Are you looking for reasons that justify the kidnapping of my son? “Leon did wrong” ,”SS do not kidnap children, SS do not traffick children”   They engineered a situation, they push you emotionally and pyschologically in contact an argument happened and after …

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Chloe Jane Miller’s – Case UK

Chloe Jane Miller wrote on her facebook page: ❤️Ariana Lexie-May ❤️ 23 November 2018❤️7lb3oz❤️ “STOP FORCED ADOPTION I WANT MY BABY HOME ?”. Chloe added: “Court granted adoption for my little girl on Wednesday asked to appeal but wasn’t granted” – 25 May 2020     As you can see the Love for her baby …

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Jessica Diane’s – case UK

JESSICA DIANE’S CASE: The baby girl was kidnapped by UK social services on the 9th April 2020 at birth. “My darling babies❤❤ Feel free to share get my story out there ?? My son was taken in 2016 at 8 weeks old due to “NEGLECT” he was adopted april 2019! My daughter is also about …

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Jilly Lindsey Kent and Darcy Rose, UK

This beautiful baby girl is Darcy Rose and her Mother is Jilly Lindsey Kent. I have learned about their case yesterday. Darcy Rose is literally at the moment being sold by UK social services for adoption. Her Mother shared on facebook: “They found a place for Darcy ?????dying inside right now x” As you can see …

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