Caso de Jilly Lindsey Kent e sua bebé Darcy Rose – Reino Unido

This beautiful baby girl is Darcy Rose and her Mother is Jilly Lindsey Kent. I have learned about their case yesterday. Darcy Rose is literally at the moment being sold by UK social services for adoption.

Her Mother shared on facebook: “They found a place for Darcy ?????dying inside right now x”

As you can see through the picture Darcy Rose is a beautiful baby girl, like a doll. Imagine who won’t would like to have a doll as a baby?!

Jilly Lindsey please be strong for you and for Darcy.

Leave your comments bellow please. I will be very happy to chat with you.

If you want to follow this Mother on facebook click here.

Sending my love to Lindsey and Darcy.

With Love,




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2 thoughts on “Caso de Jilly Lindsey Kent e sua bebé Darcy Rose – Reino Unido”

  1. My love and prayers for every mother and father whose children have been stolen by the evil state. We have a God who sees this wickedness and has already made clear how He will judge the perpetrators.

  2. :Iolanda :Menino.

    Thank you so much for your support. I believe love will always win. I believe truth will always win. I want to believe our children are protected. I want to believe He protects them.
    With love, Iolanda

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