A brand focused on tote bags that speaks feelings full of optimism. Reflects a way to see life.



“I purchased a calendar and an I Love Santiago tote bag from Iolanda. The bag was very well made and very cute. I take it shopping with me every week and it serves me well. I love how Iolanda has created this business to always remind us of her son and how much she loves him.” – Anna, USA

“Bought a lovely tote bag from I love Santiago shop. Really well made and of good quality. Thank you”- Caroline, United Kingdom

“I just received the “black heart” cross body bag and it is even more beautiful than in the photos! Loooove it .” – Olga, France

“I loved the cross body bag and I fell in love. In 3 days arrived in Holland ” – Sandra, Holland

“Really beautiful, made with love and affection. It took less than a week to get to France.” – Elena, Spain

“The pieces are all made by Iolanda manually using her sewing machine. The finishes are beautiful. My cotton bag shows that she puts a lot of love into making it. I hope you find Santiago. He also deserves such love.” – Soraia, Portugal