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JESSICA DIANE’S CASE: The baby girl was kidnapped by UK social services on the 9th April 2020 at birth.

“My darling babies❤❤

Feel free to share get my story out there ??

My son was taken in 2016 at 8 weeks old due to “NEGLECT” he was adopted april 2019!

My daughter is also about to be taken at birth also due to “NEGLECT”

I was led to believe in my pregnancy that my daughter will be coming home i found out on the 7th january that my daughter is not to leave the hospital im less than 2 weeks away from my due date 21/01/2020!!

Social services have not only gave me false hope but torn my heart from my chest iv jumped through every hoop got all the support i needed with my mental health (depression, anxiety)

Iv asked for baby groups in my pregnancy brought everything a baby could need yet its still not enough for social services!!

These are my babies and i love them very very much! Iv never once neglected any of my kids my son was always fed always clothed and always kept warm he had everything and yet they still took him!

Now taking my new baby at birth for the same thing but the question is “how can i neglect something thats not here yet”

Its easy and its also called “FUTURE EMOTIONAL HARM” which is socials biggest excuse atm to take babies so many parents are suffering because of this crystal ball method!!

It needs to end now!!!”

Jessica Diane – Together against forced adoption and fostering

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