Self Taught

Hello everyone!

I am Self Taught.

I have been on fire! Have been super inspired and I want to share with you the work I have been doing these days!

All I need is 100% cotton fabric, straps, a sewing machine and lots of love for Santiago and for you!

I want to share with you how I feel. I want to be able to inspire others in the same situation or that are finding themselves having a hard time.

I want to motivate you!

I love sewing and what I mean by this is you must find what you love to do and do more! Be brave to try to do new things and stop doubting yourself! You can do it so get things done!

I have done drawing and I am very proud of the result! It is called minimalist art! Of course, I am not a professional, so don’t expect a lot of details. I don’t want to copy other artists. So I look for a picture that inspires me and then I use procreate program and voila! The sewing machine did the rest! I have used freehand machine embroidery to do the one-line draw. Notice that I don’t have an embroidery machine, they are very expensive! I do the embroidery myself with my basic sewing machine.

Let me know what you think.

If you have any suggestions, they are more than welcome!

Check my shop page for more details!

With lots of love, Iolanda


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