Caso R@@@ e seu filho – Reino Unido

Date: 21 – 12- 2019

Hi Iolanda. My name is R@@@, I came across your article online.

Firstly i want to say I’m sorry that your family went through such a horrible ordeal but I am genuinely happy to see you still fighting for your child, that is something that gives parents like us hope.

3 years ago at 3 months old we took our son to the hospital and we were accused of abuse, our son was then ordered for adoption and we face criminal charges for a crime we never committed.

All our evidence and witnesses were dismissed and today we are still facing this living nightmare since @@@@ 2017.

We are trying our best to try all means necessary to prove our innocence and get our son back who is now 3 (i gave birth to baby boy 8 months after social services took my first born away, i gave birth abroad and haven’t gone back to the UK since @@@@@ 2017).

We are a broken family and my sons don’t even know of each others existence.

We are based in UK and no one is willing to help, the corrupt system is not allowing any way in which we can be victorious and getting an independent medical expert report on my sons.

CT scans are being dismissed by all doctors as they cannot look at these scans unless the government approves it but they won’t.

Please if in any way you can help us, any advice or directions or even contact for a medical expert who is willing to look at the scans and determine the truth please I ask as a mother.

I’m sorry for being so forthcoming but I’m at a place in life right now that its make or break, I cannot give up on my family and allow social services ruin us.

We have videos of our son for the 3 months he was with us which contradict the medical report, we have recordings of the police and social services corruption lies and racism and we recently got a doctor to look at the scans and he does not see the injuries which UK claim.

I have no come across anyone who has put so much effort into creating awareness, you have set up YouTube videos, you have gathered the statistics and information, this made me and my husband feel a sense of hope against the Uk now.

By profession we are film directors and we want to use our skills combined with the support of parents like you to cause enough of a public problem to wake up the system from their immoral and cruel standards of breaking innocence families.

Its god sent that we came across your website and YouTube, don’t stop fighting for the cause, for your son, my son and every family torn apart I really look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you R@@@.


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