Santiago 4 years old

I’ve been putting off writing this post, because it hurts so much. But I can’t do it anymore, however many months have passed. My son Santiago is already 4 years old. That’s right, 4 years without you. Without knowing how you are, where you are, with whom you are. What a pain my god.

I want to celebrate your life, your strength and once again I want to celebrate the change you created.

I very much hope that you are well and protected. I really want you to be where your guardian angel is, protect you and bring you to me one day.

Santiago, I love you very much.



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1 thought on “Santiago 4 years old”

  1. Hello to the parents of Santiago, my prayers goes to Santiago and to you parents Santiago. Be strong for you have someone like me praying for your baby now.

    Love much,

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