Healing my Soul

Forced Adoption awareness is my challenge. Fortunately I am not alone on these path and that makes me cry! Thank you so much Raquel Santos for your order! Raquel choose to order one for her and to give one to her sister. It makes me cry because I know my path is hard but He is helping me to carry these heavy pain on my shoulders. Lord have mercy and please protect my baby boy Santiago. I love my baby so much. .
Forced adoption is a crime. Adoption is a crime that happens to a child. The baby is torn from her mother, placed in the arms of strangers and is left without protection and left with questions, doubts, fears… .
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2 thoughts on “Healing my Soul”

  1. Olga Maria Prudêncio Copeto

    O meu saco ficou Lindo!
    És grande Iolanda Menino!
    O teu filho Santiago vai voltar! ???

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