2nd Birthday – 1st February 2018 – Happy Birthday Santiago!

2nd Birthday 1st February 2018

Hello Santiago!

Today is your second birthday. Your family, the Natural, the real one, the one that loves you, wishes you a Happy birthday.

We hope you are well, of good health and happy. We hope that the person that is taking care of you is doing a good job. I pray for you all the time. I hope that person loves you, but I know it is her job.

Mother is synonymous of love, nurturing, taking care, protection and so much more. I know Santiago we will be together one day.

Mum and Daddy have some friends who made a song for you. I am thinking of that song and I leave the song here for you to listen as well.

We love you so much. I have faith that we will be together. I know I will accomplish my promise of bringing you home. I will bring you home. We will not give up on you darling. Last Thursday, Mum and Dad appeared on television again. It was a good interview and we had lots of support from all your friends. You, Santiago have a lot of people who love you and are waiting for you.

Last year your Grandparents bought you a Birthday cake, it was a very pretty cake. Today your Grandparents have bought you, your 2nd Birthday cake. They love you a lot. We are celebrating your life.

You have exposed evil crimes and have helped many children already. Santiago we know that you are an important and very strong spirit.

In honour of your birthday, today we are publishing this blog. All we want is to spread to the world the truth in order to bring you home.

We love you so much.

Mummy & Daddy

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