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A TOTE BAG FOR SANTIAGO – Um Saco para Encontrar o Santiago

Como sabes eu procuro o meu Santiago. Neste momento tenho um plano. Para concretizar este objectivo preciso de angariar 4000 libras (4517 euros). Infelizmente nao posso partilhar aqui o plano por motivos de que podem adivinhar. Eu nao te quero pedir dinheiro. Ja me ajudaram muito. Estamos a viver momentos em que ha pessoas que …

DIY – Como personalizei t-shirt – bordar com máquina doméstica

DIY – COMO PERSONALIZEI T SHIRT – BORDAR COM MAQUINA DOMESTICA Esta semana eu personalizei uma t shirt. Com a maquina de costura usei uma técnica chamada free motion embroidery, que consiste em escrever usando a maquina de costura domestica. Espero que gostem do video. Vejam o vídeo completo no YouTube, neste link:

DIY – Makeover Atelier / Escritório

DIY – Makeover Atelier / Escritório Esta semana eu fiz o meu escritório/ atelier. Eu reorganizei e fiz um vídeo divertido para vocês. Mudei o atelier do cantinho da sala para o sítio onde tinha a minha sala de estar. Espero que gostem do vídeo e da transformação. Vejam o vídeo completo no YouTube, neste …

Self Taught

Hello everyone! I have been on fire! Have been super inspired and I want to share with you the work I have been doing these days! All I need is a 100% cotton fabric, straps, sewing machine and lots of love for Santiago and for you! I want to share with you how I feel. …

Good things will happen

Good things will happen

I have already felt the clouds in my life. Also, I had the dream job and have travelled to beautiful places. I planned to be even happier with the birth of my baby, but the rug was pulled away when I least expected it. And I fell on the floor. I was on my knees …

Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts

Hi! Today is a beautiful rainy day. I am sharing with you what I have embroidered for Wedding Gifts. Last Summer, a couple who are Santiago’s supporters contacted me and proposed a challenge! They are going to get Married and they thought they could help my brand too! I am very happy because it is …

Keep smiling

Smiley Emoji

Smiley Emoji Keep Smiling Embroidered Pouch – Available now!   I felt inspired by the Smiley Emoji and the positive quote to make this pouch. It features a Happy Smiley Emoji and celebrates the importance of the smile. The Bright Yellow Emoji gives an uplifting touch! The pouch was fully designed by myself and I …

Launch day

Launch Day

Today is the Launch Day! A year ago I launched the I love Santiago brand on Facebook. Over the last month, I have been building my new website. I have done a lot of searching to find the best website platform and how to start a blog. I am very proud of myself. I will …

I Love Santiago – New Project

Good Sunday to everyone I Love Santiago. Today is the day of choice of fabrics for a new project. Beautiful fabrics that help us to dream. For those who do not know I worked in Cardiology and I learned to sew on my own. My first project was a quilt for Santiago. I bought the …

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