NEW Summer Collection

New Summer collection arrived! Lets celebrate the sunny days! Cath Kidston material is beautiful. I have handmade the tote bag with the oil cloth and zip pouchs with the fabric of the same collections. You can get the totebag only or the pouch only or you can get both together! You can choose the colour of the zip.

Perfect to go to the beach or for a great walk on the Nature.

All the items I handmade are for a great cause, to find Santiago to get him back home. I do love to do embroidered tote bags but I pretty pattern like this one “Highgate Rose” is always welcome. Its available tote bag and zip pouch! Get yours now! Shop here.

With Love, Iolanda Menino

“I Love You Baby” Tote Bag – When a image says more than a thousand words

“I Love you Baby” Tote Bag – When a image says more than a thousand words

Quando uma imagem fala mais do que mil palavras. É como me sinto com esta imagem bordada neste saco agora disponível.
A música “I love you baby” de @emileeflood é para celebrar o que sinto pelo Santiago. I love you baby!!!! I love Santiago.
Eu digo que te amo muitas vezes e sinto um amor enorme por ti, que me faz sair da cama todos os dias sem saber o dia em que vou puder finalmente te abraçar e dizer-te I love you Baby!
Créditos: Este desenho foi feito baseado numa imagem de shutterstock.

Healing my Soul

Forced Adoption awareness is my challenge. Fortunately I am not alone on these path and that makes me cry! Thank you so much Raquel Santos for your order! Raquel choose to order one for her and to give one to her sister. It makes me cry because I know my path is hard but He is helping me to carry these heavy pain on my shoulders. Lord have mercy and please protect my baby boy Santiago. I love my baby so much. .
Forced adoption is a crime. Adoption is a crime that happens to a child. The baby is torn from her mother, placed in the arms of strangers and is left without protection and left with questions, doubts, fears… .
#procurarsantiago #iolandamenino#forcedadoptionisacrime #notoforcedadotption#forcedadoption #childtrafficking #awareness#crime #adoption

A TOTE BAG FOR SANTIAGO – Um Saco para Encontrar o Santiago

Como sabes eu procuro o meu Santiago.
Neste momento tenho um plano.
Para concretizar este objectivo preciso de angariar 4000 libras (4517 euros).
Infelizmente nao posso partilhar aqui o plano por motivos de que podem adivinhar.
Eu nao te quero pedir dinheiro. Ja me ajudaram muito. Estamos a viver momentos em que ha pessoas que estao sem pagar rendas e por isso nao quero que me deem dinheiro.
Pelo que o meu objectivo é trabalhar para o mesmo, ou seja, em troca de cada artigo meu de costura voces fazem um donativo.
Porque escrevo aqui isto? Porque eu sozinha e o Leon nao conseguimos poupar 4500 euros ou levará ainda muito tempo.
Eu sei que voces acreditam em mim. Eu sei que vou conseguir.
Eu quero que saibam qual é o objectivo da minha costura. Sempre fui sincera com os apoiantes do Santiago.
Por amor uma Mae pede ajuda.
Eu vou costurar muito. Esta é uma promessa minha para contigo.
Os meus sacos teem um valor de 20 euros cada um. Posso personalizar o saco com os vossos nomes.
Faço o melhor que sei. E nao ha livros onde ensinam como proceder em caso de filho raptado pelo sistema judicial.
Todos os donativos vao ser comunicados publicamente e o valor em falta para o objectivo final. Todos os nomes vao ser comunicados publicamente excepto anonimato ser pedido.
Todo o donativo é voluntario na aquisicao do meu produto costurado.
Para aquisicao dos produtos visitem o website (vejam os artigos disponiveis de momento). Aceito encomendas.
Para informacao enviem-me uma mensagem aqui ou para o email
Neste momento tenho 400 euros para este fim. Sao precisos 4117 euros.
Eu nao desisto de encontrar o Santiago.

Muito Obrigada pelo teu apoio! Pelo Santiago tudo,

Iolanda Menino

Exemplos de sacos na imagem em baixo. Aceito encomendas para personalizar sacos. Visita a loja online 

DIY – Como personalizei t-shirt – bordar com máquina doméstica


Esta semana eu personalizei uma t shirt. Com a maquina de costura usei uma técnica chamada free motion embroidery, que consiste em escrever usando a maquina de costura domestica. Espero que gostem do video. Vejam o vídeo completo no YouTube, neste link:

DIY – Makeover Atelier / Escritório

DIY – Makeover Atelier / Escritório
Esta semana eu fiz o meu escritório/ atelier. Eu reorganizei e fiz um vídeo divertido para vocês. Mudei o atelier do cantinho da sala para o sítio onde tinha a minha sala de estar. Espero que gostem do vídeo e da transformação. Vejam o vídeo completo no YouTube, neste link


Self Taught

Hello everyone!

I have been on fire! Have been super inspired and I want to share with you the work I have been doing these days!

All I need is a 100% cotton fabric, straps, sewing machine and lots of love for Santiago and for you!

I want to share with you how I feel. I want to be able to inspire others on same situation or that are finding themselves having a hard time.

I want to motivate you!

I love sewing and what I mean with this is you must find what you love to do and do more! Be brave to try to do new things and stop doubting about you! You can do it so get things done!

I have done drawing and I am very proud of the result! It is called minimalist art! Of course I am not a professional, so don’t expect a lot of details. I don’t want to copy other artists. So I  look for a picture that inspires me and then I have used procreate program and voila! The sewing machine did the rest! I have used free hand machine embroidery to do the one line draw. Notice that I don’t have a embroidery machine, they are very expensive! I do the embroidery myself with my basic sewing machine.

Let me know what do you think.

If you have any suggestions, they are more than welcome!

Check my shop page for more details!

With lots of love, Iolanda

Good things will happen

Good things will happen

I have already felt the clouds in my life. Also, I had the dream job and have travelled to beautiful places. I planned to be even happier with the birth of my baby, but the rug was pulled away when I least expected it.

And I fell on the floor. I was on my knees for a long time and I cried, I cried a lot. I still cry.

But more important than anything I never gave up.

I believe we have to accept what happens to us and learn from everything.

Daring to be different is difficult, but we must always follow our heart, our common sense and our conscience.

My family held out their hand and many strangers extended me their hand and became friends. There is a lot of evil in the world, but I realise there are many good people too. Maybe it is who we do not know, that gives us even more. Those who know us sadly, some turn away. But receiving the love of those who do not know us is inspiring.

Every day, I work to be my best version. Every day I do my best to smooth the sharp edges.

I could hold a lot of grudges, I could have given up, but I believe that the union of people will do the best for people and for our planet. The life has many ups and downs but believe good things will happen!

Thank you all for your support.

Choose to be happy.

Santiago, I love you!

Good things will happen

Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts

Hi! Today is a beautiful rainy day.

I am sharing with you what I have embroidered for Wedding Gifts.

Last Summer, a couple who are Santiago’s supporters contacted me and proposed a challenge! They are going to get Married and they thought they could help my brand too!

I am very happy because it is a brilliant idea and obviously fills my heart with Love to know that my baby has a lot of support. They asked me if I was interested in sewing their wedding gifts. Isn’t this a great idea? Yes, I am very happy with that. I quickly started thinking of what I could do for them. And later on the same day, I sent back a design and they love it!!!

I am available to embroider these for you as well.

Please get in touch here.


I ❤ Santiago

Thank you for reading,
Chat soon,


Smiley Emoji

Keep smiling

Smiley Emoji

Keep Smiling Embroidered Pouch – Available now!


I felt inspired by the Smiley Emoji and the positive quote to make this pouch. It features a Happy Smiley Emoji and celebrates the importance of the smile. The Bright Yellow Emoji gives an uplifting touch!

The pouch was fully designed by myself and I am very proud of the final result. The white cotton contrasts very well with the black embroidered thread. I think the Emoji’s smile is just perfect, it’s very cheeky…




To shop the Keep Smiling Embroidered Pouch click  here.

I ❤ Santiago

Thanks for reading,
Chat soon,


Launch Day

Launch day

Today is the Launch Day!

A year ago I launched the I love Santiago brand on Facebook.

Over the last month, I have been building my new website. I have done a lot of searching to find the best website platform and how to start a blog. I am very proud of myself. I will create a post sharing some tips that I have learned in the process.

My Baby Santiago is my inspiration and all I do is for him.

I believe that the best is yet to come.

I want to give strength and encourage others to feel happy. What is happening to my baby it could have been the end of me. But I decided it would not. And a decision has a lot of power. What I encourage everyone to do is never give up.

I believe in the power of Love. I choose Love.

I want to encourage others to believe as well.

I choose to not stay in a situation that does not help me mentally, emotionally neither spiritually. It is horrendous the crimes that are been done against children and families. The Heart is a very strong muscle, but a removal of a baby can actually kill a Mother. The heart tendons can be damaged with severe pain. I prefer to focus on the day that I will be reunited with my Santiago.

I do know that many people see me as a threat. But I know I have a lot of supporters. I feel very grateful to have you all with me. Thank you all!

All I want is to empower other families in the same situation.

I believe that I need to stand for my baby and give voice to him. I believe that I can create a change, and I do know that I have started a movement of families that have raised their standards and said NO MORE!

I believe that knowledge is power.

I believe that spreading love is the key!

I believe amazing things will happen in my journey!

I will be sharing with you my handmade items and much more to who subscribes to the Santiago’s VIP Club, a special newsletter. Now, that I have decided to blog, I will do my best to be very consistent.

This website exists thanks to 2 people, George and Leo. Thank you to you both.

If you want to follow me on social media please check out the sidebar. I would love your recommendations on new posts subjects and sewing projects. Please leave your opinion in the comments below for me to check out. To publish your support message on this website contact me here.


Thanks for reading,
Chat soon,



I Love Santiago – New Project

Good Sunday to everyone

I Love Santiago.

Today is the day of choice of fabrics for a new project. Beautiful fabrics that help us to dream.

For those who do not know I worked in Cardiology and I learned to sew on my own.
My first project was a quilt for Santiago. I bought the sewing machine when I was pregnant and I loved to sew, since then I have not stopped.

In Portugal

To find work in the area of ​​Cardiology has not been easy and as such the sewing has been an aid.

Thank you

Many thanks to all of Santiago’s supporters for making it easier for them to make their day.
Thank you for the 22,000 views of the live video. Keep an eye on what I’m going to sew now.
Kiss everyone.

:Iolanda: Menino.

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