Santiago 4 years old

I’ve been putting off writing this post, because it hurts so much. But I can’t do it anymore, however many months have passed. My son Santiago is already 4 years old. That’s right, 4 years without you. Without knowing how you are, where you are, with whom you are. What a pain my god.

I want to celebrate your life, your strength and once again I want to celebrate the change you created.

I very much hope that you are well and protected. I really want you to be where your guardian angel is, protect you and bring you to me one day.

Santiago, I love you very much.


9 February 2019 – 3 years

Hello sweetie

Today is a hard day, it is 9th February 2019. It has been 3 years since you have been taken away from us, without mercy.

I cannot believe that you have been separated from us. It is horrible and unbelievable.

What I know, is that we love you so much and we will not give up on you ever.

Fortunately, I have lots of support from your grandparents and Father. You have lots of supporters around the World too. We have learnt that we are not alone on this path. Hundreds of other parents are trying their best to give voice to so many other children like you.




Santiago, I still do not know what is your eye colour, but I know I will see them smiling at me one day.

I think about you every single day. I remember every single second we spent together and specially when you smile at me.

Santiago I love you. Santiago, always my precious little baby.

I pray every single night for your angel to keep his arms around you, to protect you from evil.

I am very proud of you, my little baby Santiago.

Love Mummy,

Iolanda Menino

Has been 2 years

Has been 2 years – 4 March 2016

Has been 2 years
Today the last time we saw you 2 years ago.
Today we've been fighting for you for two years.
Today we have not stopped for 2 years.
I have survived this pain for two years now.
It costs a lot.
It costs to know that I know nothing of you.
It costs so much.
The wickedness of the one who stole you has no words.
Survive the kidnap account has no words.
No words have prevented you from breastfeeding as soon as 6 days of life.
No words have taken you away.
How can such wickedness be possible.
But worse, how is it possible after her mother yelled for help and millions heard, but no one did anything to help you!
How is it possible?
What world is this?
What world is this where there is so much hypocrisy and so lack of love.
Forgive me Santiago. The world is cruel.
May God protect you because Mother could not protect you.
Mother and Father are not by your side but always with you.
I pray every day for you to be well.
I pray every day for someone to bring you to Mae.
What a world this is.
So much pain, so much pain.

I love you so much Santiago.

Hoje faz 2 anos – 4 Marco 2016

Hoje faz 2 anos a ultima vez que te vimos.
Hoje faz 2 anos que temos lutado imenso por ti.
Hoje faz 2 anos que nao temos parado.
Hoje faz 2 anos que sobrevivo com esta dor.
Custa muito.
Custa saber que nada sei de ti.
Custa tanto.
A maldade de quem te roubou nao tem palavras.
Sobreviverem a conta dos roubos de criancas nao tem palavras.
Nao tem palavras terem te impedido de mamar logo com 6 dias de vida.
Nao tem palavras terem te levado para longe.
Como e’ possivel tanta maldade.
Mas pior, como e’ possivel depois de a mae ter gritado por socorro e milhoes terem ouvido, mas ninguem fez nada para te ajudar!
Como e’ possivel?
Que mundo e’ este?
Que mundo e’ este onde ha tanta hipocrisia e tao falta de amor.
Perdoa-me Santiago. O mundo e’ cruel.
Que Deus te proteja porque a Mae nao te conseguiu proteger.
A Mae e o Pai nao estao a teu lado mas estao sempre contigo.
Rezo todos os dias para que estejas bem.
Rezo todos os dias para que haja alguem que te consiga trazer para a Mae.
Que mundo e’ este.
Tanta dor, tanta dor.
Amo-te muito Santiago.

Alô Portugal – 10 million viewers!

The I Love Santiago brand was promoted for the first time on the television for up to 10 million people around the world. Leonardo and myself were interviewed on Alô Portugal Sic International Tv channel, on the 15th February 2018, by Jose Figueiras.

2nd Birthday – 1st February 2018 – Happy Birthday Santiago!

2nd Birthday 1st February 2018

Hello Santiago!

Today is your second birthday. Your family, the Natural, the real one, the one that loves you, wishes you a Happy birthday.

We hope you are well, of good health and happy. We hope that the person that is taking care of you is doing a good job. I pray for you all the time. I hope that person loves you, but I know it is her job.

Mother is synonymous of love, nurturing, taking care, protection and so much more. I know Santiago we will be together one day.

Mum and Daddy have some friends who made a song for you. I am thinking of that song and I leave the song here for you to listen as well.

We love you so much. I have faith that we will be together. I know I will accomplish my promise of bringing you home. I will bring you home. We will not give up on you darling. Last Thursday, Mum and Dad appeared on television again. It was a good interview and we had lots of support from all your friends. You, Santiago have a lot of people who love you and are waiting for you.

Last year your Grandparents bought you a Birthday cake, it was a very pretty cake. Today your Grandparents have bought you, your 2nd Birthday cake. They love you a lot. We are celebrating your life.

You have exposed evil crimes and have helped many children already. Santiago we know that you are an important and very strong spirit.

In honour of your birthday, today we are publishing this blog. All we want is to spread to the world the truth in order to bring you home.

We love you so much.

Mummy & Daddy

Please also check out our Happy Birthday – Live Video


Why Blog?

Why Blog? kidnapping

Why Blog? kidnapped posterWhy Blog?

We need to save our baby. We love our baby and we want him back.

Leonardo and I have done nothing wrong to our baby: Santiago, born on the 1st February 2016, but he was kidnapped by Social Services from us at only 5 days old.

Judge Baker from the High Court of London stated in his Judgement “no court has made any findings on those local authority allegations”. Nevertheless, our baby was put in Foster Care by Judge Black of the Portsmouth Family Court and by people in the Southampton City Council Corporation using a “future risk of suffering significant harm” allegation.

As you know the future does not exist, therefore nobody can be punished for something in the future.

By Law, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. As we and many other families have witnessed in the secret family courts – mothers and fathers are being punished without a crime. Thousands of children are being removed and put in vulnerable positions within Social Services.

For the Love

For the love we have for our baby, we decided to expose his kidnapping. Why Blog? kidnapping The UK Judiciary and the Social Services punished us for exposing the injustice done to: Santiago and stopped us from seeing him on the 4th March 2016. He was one month old.

Leonardo and I know that thousands of children are being taken from loving families for the Fostering and Adoption business. For which the government has set up targets, rewarding City Councils with financial bonuses if they reach them. These targets create the incentive to take more and more children.

We have been blogging on Facebook and YouTube and decided to bring together all this information into this blog.

Leonardo and I have been threatened with imprisonment for exposing the kidnapping of: Santiago.

We stand for our baby’s rights.

We will get our baby: Santiago back.

Together we will win.

Good things will happen

Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our Blog Santiago and LeonardoWelcome to our Blog Iolanda and Santiago 1 day old


Welcome to our blog, we are :Santiago’s Natural Mother :Iolanda and Natural Father :Leon. We are sharing with you our baby’s story in this blog.

Some of you know us already, some of you don’t. Our baby :Santiago is known worldwide, if you do not know our baby’s story yet, please follow us in this journey, because we have something very important to share with you.

Please check out our  “Why Blog” post

Follow us.

With Love

:Iolanda: Menino

:Leon: Edwards.

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