Baby Harrison & Codi Devonshire – UK

A Mãe Codi Devonshire (foto Mae e filho juntos) viu seu bebe ser roubado à nascença para ser adoptado por uma assistente social, nome Josie Boughton.
A tia Gemma Louise do bebé deixou em comentário “ Este é o meu sobrinho e nós tentamos de tudo para o ter connosco e eles não querem ouvir. Disseram-me a mim para ter uma casa maior para o pudermos receber e mesmo assim não ficaram satisfeitos. Eu mudei-me de uma casa de 2 quartos para uma casa de 4 quartos e ainda foram procurar defeitos em outras coisas. A assistente social que fez os testes era o diabo puro e fez-me sentir indesejada na minha própria casa. Eu não vou entrar em muitos detalhes. A minha irmã foi levada a tribunal e não teve oportunidades de conhecer o seu próprio bebé praticamente. Eu não sou a maior fã da minha irmã mas digo ela ela tentou e fez de tudo mas mesmo assim não a deixaram ficar com o menino. Todos os dias parte-me pó coração que o nosso menino não possa estar com a sua própria família”.
“This is my nephew and we tried absolutely everything to get him in our care they don’t want to listen they told me to get a bigger house so we could accommodate him and they still weren’t happy . I moved from a two bedroom house to a four bedroom house and they still had things to pick at us 🙁 the social worker doing the assessment was pure vile and I felt unwelcomed in my own home . I’m not going into too many details but even when my sister had harrison they were taking her to court! She hadn’t even had the chance to meet her baby properly before they were already writing her off ! I’m not my sisters biggest fan but I will say she tried everything and they still let her down. 🙁 everyday breaks my heart that he can’t be with his own family 💔” Gemma Louise
20 dezembro 2019 – “So it was my last contact with my beautiful man on Tuesday… I miss you so much… words cannot even explain how I’m feeling… but just remember, I love you to the moon and back. Both you and your sister. And someday, we will all be together. For the first time ever!” Codi Devonshire

Chloe Jane Miller’s – Case UK

Chloe Jane Miller wrote on her facebook page: ❤️Ariana Lexie-May ❤️ 23 November 2018❤️7lb3oz❤️ “STOP FORCED ADOPTION I WANT MY BABY HOME 😭”.

Chloe added: “Court granted adoption for my little girl on Wednesday asked to appeal but wasn’t granted” – 25 May 2020



As you can see the Love for her baby is in all these pictures. This beautiful and healthy baby has a Natural Family that loves her.

Forced Adoption is a crime, it’s child trafficking.

Gepostet von Chloe Jane Miller am Sonntag, 24. Mai 2020

Jessica Diane’s – case UK

JESSICA DIANE’S CASE: The baby girl was kidnapped by UK social services on the 9th April 2020 at birth.

“My darling babies❤❤

Feel free to share get my story out there 😭😭

My son was taken in 2016 at 8 weeks old due to “NEGLECT” he was adopted april 2019!

My daughter is also about to be taken at birth also due to “NEGLECT”

I was led to believe in my pregnancy that my daughter will be coming home i found out on the 7th january that my daughter is not to leave the hospital im less than 2 weeks away from my due date 21/01/2020!!

Social services have not only gave me false hope but torn my heart from my chest iv jumped through every hoop got all the support i needed with my mental health (depression, anxiety)

Iv asked for baby groups in my pregnancy brought everything a baby could need yet its still not enough for social services!!

These are my babies and i love them very very much! Iv never once neglected any of my kids my son was always fed always clothed and always kept warm he had everything and yet they still took him!

Now taking my new baby at birth for the same thing but the question is “how can i neglect something thats not here yet”

Its easy and its also called “FUTURE EMOTIONAL HARM” which is socials biggest excuse atm to take babies so many parents are suffering because of this crystal ball method!!

It needs to end now!!!”

Jessica Diane – Together against forced adoption and fostering

Case R – UK

Date: 21 – 12- 2019

Hi Iolanda. My name is R@@@, I came across your article online.

Firstly i want to say I’m sorry that your family went through such a horrible ordeal but I am genuinely happy to see you still fighting for your child, that is something that gives parents like us hope.

3 years ago at 3 months old we took our son to the hospital and we were accused of abuse, our son was then ordered for adoption and we face criminal charges for a crime we never committed.

All our evidence and witnesses were dismissed and today we are still facing this living nightmare since @@@@ 2017.

We are trying our best to try all means necessary to prove our innocence and get our son back who is now 3 (i gave birth to baby boy 8 months after social services took my first born away, i gave birth abroad and haven’t gone back to the UK since @@@@@ 2017).

We are a broken family and my sons don’t even know of each others existence.

We are based in UK and no one is willing to help, the corrupt system is not allowing any way in which we can be victorious and getting an independent medical expert report on my sons.

CT scans are being dismissed by all doctors as they cannot look at these scans unless the government approves it but they won’t.

Please if in any way you can help us, any advice or directions or even contact for a medical expert who is willing to look at the scans and determine the truth please I ask as a mother.

I’m sorry for being so forthcoming but I’m at a place in life right now that its make or break, I cannot give up on my family and allow social services ruin us.

We have videos of our son for the 3 months he was with us which contradict the medical report, we have recordings of the police and social services corruption lies and racism and we recently got a doctor to look at the scans and he does not see the injuries which UK claim.

I have no come across anyone who has put so much effort into creating awareness, you have set up YouTube videos, you have gathered the statistics and information, this made me and my husband feel a sense of hope against the Uk now.

By profession we are film directors and we want to use our skills combined with the support of parents like you to cause enough of a public problem to wake up the system from their immoral and cruel standards of breaking innocence families.

Its god sent that we came across your website and YouTube, don’t stop fighting for the cause, for your son, my son and every family torn apart I really look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you R@@@.

Jilly Lindsey Kent and Darcy Rose, UK

This beautiful baby girl is Darcy Rose and her Mother is Jilly Lindsey Kent. I have learned about their case yesterday. Darcy Rose is literally at the moment being sold by UK social services for adoption.

Her Mother shared on facebook: “They found a place for Darcy 😭😭😭😭😭dying inside right now x”

As you can see through the picture Darcy Rose is a beautiful baby girl, like a doll. Imagine who won’t would like to have a doll as a baby?!

Jilly Lindsey please be strong for you and for Darcy.

Leave your comments bellow please. I will be very happy to chat with you.

If you want to follow this Mother on facebook click here.

Sending my love to Lindsey and Darcy.

With Love,



In Portugal in 2018, more than 7 thousand children were removed from their families

In 2018, more than 7 thousand children were removed from their families

The article says 7032 children were removed from their families, in 2018, according to SIC, a Portuguese TV channel.

“In 2018, 7032 children and young people were accommodated in social security homes. Half of the institutionalized children in 2018 had mental health problems. They were removed from their families for being neglected or abused.”

What do you think about these numbers?

Please comment below your thoughts.

To read the article please click here .


Sarah-Jane Poole, UK

Sarah-Jane Poole

‘France let me keep baby UK wanted to take away’ 

Hundreds of British parents flee the country with their children to escape ‘forced adoption’ every year. Here, one mother who came to France tells her story…

A British woman has told how she was allowed to keep her son in France after she fled the UK to stop him being taken away at birth under the Children Act.

Former health worker Sarah-Jane Poole, 33, has been investigated by French social services and deemed to pose no risk to her son, now two.

This happens to several hundred British women every year.

A baby can be removed at birth under UK law and put into foster care or up for adoption, without parental consent, if the parents are deemed to be potentially dangerous to their child in the future.

It is a prediction and not based on proof. The decision is taken in a family court, with judges hearing reports from social workers.

The reasons are varied: for example, a previous violent relationship.

Other countries remove children only if abuse is happening.

Ms Poole and her partner became subject to UK checks because she had suffered depression as a teenager and takes antidepressants. Mr James Howard, 32, who ran a window cleaning business, had a criminal record for possession of cannabis and stealing a car in his teenage years and had also undergone therapy in a psychiatric hospital.

He committed suicide nine months after their son was born in France

Ms Poole says it was the stress of the move and UK investigation. “He could not deal with the fact they took everything from us and we were powerless.
“In a matter of one day we went from having a house, friends, family, to nothing. We were in a country where we could not speak the language, we did not know where to go, we had no friends.

“It was the worst time of my life… I lost the love of my life.”

Campaigners want the law changed so children can only be removed if a crime is committed. They say suicide among such parents is not rare and often social workers cite it as a validation of their action. Ms Poole and her partner fled their home in Caldicot, south Wales, to France when she was eight months pregnant after learning their baby was at risk of being removed at birth.

After children are removed, they can be put up for “forced adoption” and, once they have been adopted or  fostered, cannot be returned.

Ms Poole’s mother, a former dental receptionist, has since moved to live with her daughter and grandson in Mirande, Gers.

Ms Poole is still traumatised by the way she and her partner were treated by Welsh social services.

It started, she said, when a friend of her partner, whom he met in the psychiatric hospital and who had mental issues, contacted social services about them.

The 50-year-old accused the pair of taking drugs and other offences and began threatening them on a daily basis.

Ms Poole said: “He sent us a text saying ‘I will make sure you never see that baby’ but social services did not take this into consideration.

“We had to go to horrendous meetings and they would say you need to do this and that… we did everything they asked.”

On the last meeting, social workers said they were allowed to take the baby after it was born.

“From day one, you could tell it was the decision they would come to. No matter what you said, they weren’t listening. The accusations against us were unfounded,” Ms Poole said.

UK social services traced the couple to France but they then came under French social services investigation.

After her son was born, Ms Poole had monthly monitoring from social workers here but this has now stopped as it was deemed unnecessary.

She said: “French social services were a dream compared to the UK.

“They really wanted to help me. They saved me.” She is now trying to build a life in France and is looking for work, and for help with learning French. She says that if she returns to the UK, her son could still be taken away from her.

“I feel safe here. But the worry is on being able to stay,” she said.

A spokesman for French social services said: “We can’t comment on an individual case but it is correct that the law in France and the UK is different. France puts the link between the mother and child at the centre.”

A Welsh social services worker, contacted by Connexion, said: “We cannot advise on this case and are not able to comment in general.”

A French documentary on the subject of forced adoptions ‘Les enfants volés d’Angleterre’ (The stolen children of England) was shown on French TV in 2016. You can see it by clicking here.

Article written by:

Selma Daddi

Article link here:

English Foster Career Families

Good Morning.

Well, we’ve all heard that the gypsy families are constantly changing house. But not anymore.
In this sense, do you know who is always moving house? The babies stolen by the English SS.
The stolen babies move from one “foster career business family” to another. The children are also being moved from one town to another.

Do you wonder why? What do you think of this?

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