Mãe do Santiago - Convidada para entrevista na TV Portuguesa - Novembro 2020 Olá a todos. Hoje venho partilhar que Read more
Someone ask Leonardo Edwards why have they taken his son... Leonardo replied... Are you looking for reasons that justify the Read more
I've been putting off writing this post, because it hurts so much. But I can't do it anymore, however many Read more
Hello sweetie Today is a hard day, it is 9th February 2019. It has been 3 years since you have Read more
  Happy Birthday Santiago. We Love you so much. We have faith that Nature will reunite us. May God protect Read more
Has been 2 years - 4 March 2016 Has been 2 years Today the last time we saw you 2 Read more
The I Love Santiago brand was promoted for the first time on the television for up to 10 million people Read more
Today it is 2 years since the SS kidnapped my baby at 5 days old and the people did not Read more
Iolanda Leonardo Santiago
Happy Birthday Santiago Love Mummy, Daddy and Grandparents Please check out our 2nd Birthday Blog post  Read more
2nd Birthday 1st February 2018
Hello Santiago! Today is your second birthday. Your family, the Natural, the real one, the one that loves you, wishes Read more
Why Blog? kidnapping
Why Blog? We need to save our baby. We love our baby and we want him back. Leonardo and I Read more
Welcome to our Blog
Hello, Welcome to our blog, we are :Santiago's Natural Mother :Iolanda and Natural Father :Leon. We are sharing with you Read more


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