Caso William Kristian Gherghe e Hermina Gheorghe - Dinamarca/Roménia   Conseguem ver a diferença no rosto do bebé que está Read more
Este video foi-me enviado ontem dia 6 de Novembro 2020. Neste video ouve-se atrav'es de um video em directo feito Read more
#TraficoBebesLegalizado #Adopção A Mãe Codi Devonshire (foto Mae e filho juntos) viu seu bebe ser roubado à nascença para ser Read more
Chloe Jane Miller wrote on her facebook page: ❤️Ariana Lexie-May ❤️ 23 November 2018❤️7lb3oz❤️ "STOP FORCED ADOPTION I WANT MY Read more
JESSICA DIANE'S CASE: The baby girl was kidnapped by UK social services on the 9th April 2020 at birth. "My Read more
Date: 21 - 12- 2019 Hi Iolanda. My name is R@@@, I came across your article online. Firstly i want Read more
This beautiful baby girl is Darcy Rose and her Mother is Jilly Lindsey Kent. I have learned about their case Read more
In 2018, more than 7 thousand children were removed from their families The article says 7032 children were removed from Read more
Sarah-Jane Poole
'France let me keep baby UK wanted to take away'  Hundreds of British parents flee the country with their children Read more
Good Morning. Well, we've all heard that the gypsy families are constantly changing house. But not anymore. In this sense, Read more

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