Hello, my name is Iolanda. This is my little corner on the Internet. I leave a trail for my son Santiago to find me.  I share with you what I have done to help myself on this path. I create bags and sew. I had never sewn before getting pregnant. I made my first baby blanket by myself with a sewing machine. Since then, I have been interested in Art and Craft. Everything I have learned is self-taught.

I come from the medical world. That was where I was working when I went through a difficult time in my life – which unfortunately is still going on. I’ve been through hell already. It was and still is a difficult time. It was during this time that I noticed that creation began to help me heal. I started creating every day. My creations are all inspired by the love for my baby, Santiago. He is the one who motivates me. I’m the natural mother of: Santiago-David-Menino: Edwards. I give voice to Santiago and other Santiagos, raising awareness about forced adoption.




I am a cardiac physiologist and have worked proudly in several renowned private hospitals in London. I had a good lifestyle until something unexpected and horrible happened to my family. Our lives changed on 5 February 2016. Santiago was kidnapped by the social services of Southampton, UK at just 5 days old, based on false allegations. The judiciary of the United Kingdom and Portugal ignored their entire biological family – Santiago Grandparents (my Mum and Dad) and decided to place Santiago for adoption – Forced Adoption!

Social Services use “future emotional risk” and false claims to kidnap thousands of children for the million-pound Forced Adoption business. Many Mothers and Fathers commit suicide during the procedures, with such pain.

Santiago’s family and I decided not to give up and give him a voice. Santiago will know the whole truth! He will know that he is loved and that he never abandoned him! He will learn that he is a kidnapped baby.

Our story has been exposed all over the world.

I am proud to speak the truth and have the courage to expose what happened to my son without fear of judgment.Santiago’s story is inspiring many families to share their testimonies and to lose their fear of social stigma. I know I have been helping many Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents to understand what happened to them. I know Santiago has many friends that love him too and pray for him to be back home with me.

I guarantee my story is known, so that Santiago finds his way home. Santiago was last seen on March 4 2016, Santiago was 1 month old.

The Portuguese government has not supported Santiago or myself..

With Love,


Please feel free to contact me here 

Please visit the website for more information:www.OurBabyWasSnatched.com



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