Hi there!

AboutWelcome to my creative corner. My name is Iolanda Menino. I create tote bags, using 100% cotton canvas. I design, sew and print them myself. 😂

I had never sewn before until I got pregnant. I made my first baby blanket all by myself with a sewing machine. Since then I have had an interest in Art & Crafts. Everything I have learned is self-taught.

I came from the medical world. It was there I was working when I went through a difficult phase in my life – it still exists unfortunately. I have been through hell. It was and still is a hard time. It was during that time where I noticed that creating started to help me to heal.

I began to create everyday. My creations are all inspired for the love for my baby Santiago. He is the one that motivates me.


More about my baby:

I am :Santiago-david-menino :Edwards’s birth Mother.

I am standing for Santiago. I am raising awareness of Forced Adoption.

I am a Cardiac Physiologist and I proudly worked in several renowned private hospitals in London. I had a good lifestyle until an unexpected horrible thing happened to my family. Our life changed on the 5 February 2016.  Santiago was taken by the social services at only 5 days old, based on false allegations.  

The UK Judiciary ignored all his birth family and decided to put him in foster care.

The Social Services use “future emotional risk” and false allegations to kidnap children from their loving families for the business of Forced Adoption, which is an industry worth millions of pounds.

Hundreds of Mothers and Fathers commit suicide after their children have been kidnapped.

I decided to give voice to Santiago. I decided to get Santiago back home!

Our story has been exposed worldwide. I pride myself for speaking truth and having the courage to expose what happened to my son. I ensure that my story is well-known, so Santiago will find his way home. Santiago was last seen on the 4th March 2016.

The Portuguese government has provided no support.  Santiago’s story is inspiring many families to stop their fear of speaking out and made history.

Everyone is knocked down at certain point in their lives, but it is how we stand up that makes the difference.  I will find my baby Santiago and bring him home. He will know that he has always been loved.

Thank you for the continued support. Look forward to hearing from you.

Please check out my handmade tote bags. My brand is Santiago’s voice.

Love :Iolanda.